Corrections & Jail Facility


The Morgan City Police Department is tasked with operating a Jail and Correctional Complex.  The primary purpose of this faciltiy is to hold pre-trial detainees, and persons under sentence from the Municipal City Court of Morgan City.  The Morgan City Police Department is committed to the humane incarceration of these prisoners.  The Correctional Facility is supervised by a Jail Supervisor and an Assistant Jail Supervisor.  There are eight Correctional Officers who direct and supervise the inmates of the facility and work four, twelve hour shifts, with two officers assigned per shift.




Teddy R. Liner - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


     Teddy R. Liner has been serving the Morgan City Police Department since 1995.  He has served this department in many capacities within the department such as Corrections, Road Patrol, and Detectives and his current assignment as Lieutenant, supervising the correctional facility located at the Morgan City Police Department.  Lieutenant Liner is also a State of Louisiana P.O.S.T. firearm instructor which helps maintain training standards within the department.