Neighborhood Watch

neighborhoodwatch The purpose of the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH program is to:
Make you aware of the steps you and your neighbors can take to make your home more secure against crime, To show you how you and your neighbors can help each other protect your entire neighborhood, and Make local law enforcement agencies more effective in the fight against crime through YOUR involvement and participation.

Benefits of neighborhood watch:

  • Deters criminal activity;
  • Creates a greater sense of security and reduces fear of crime;
  • Builds bonds with neighbors; people look out for one another;
  • It stimulates neighborhood awareness;
  • Reduces the risk of becoming a crime victim; it reduces the physical, financial and psychological costs of crime;
  • Instructs residents on how to observe and report suspicious activities in your community;
  • Addresses quality of life issues and mutual interests in your communinity

If you have any additional questions or are interested in starting one in your neighborhood feel free to contact Lieutenant John Schaff at the Morgan City Police department at 985-380-4605

To report an EMERGENCY crime please call 911.