MCPD Arrest Report 10/14/2016


The following persons were arrested by the Morgan City Police Department during the last reporting period beginning on 10/13/2016.

Jody R Cubbage, 58 years of age, Address: Seventh St. Lafayette, La. was arrested on 10/13/2016 @ 6:37pm. 

Charges:  Possession of Cocaine
                  Possession of an Open Alcoholic Bverage Within Vehicle

     Officers responded to an address on Brashear Avenue in regard to a reported disturbance. The officers arrived when a vehicle was observed leaving driven by one of the subjects invovled in the alleged disturbance. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver identified as Jody R Cubbage. Cubbage's behavior aroused officer's suspicions that Cubbage may be involved in illegal drug activity. A search was conducted when the officer located suspected cocaine on Cubbage's person and an open container of alchohol inside the vehicle according to reports. Cubbage was placed under arrest and transported to the Morgan City Jail where he was booked and incarcerated. 

Susette Anslum, 41 years of age, Address: Two Sisters Ct. Bayou Vista, La. was arrested on 10/13/2016 @ 6:41pm. 

Charge:  Disturbing the Peace

     An officer responded to a residence on Second Street in regard to a report of a subject causing a disturbance. The officer arrived and was told by the complainant that Susette Anslum was at the residence cursing and causing a disturbance. Anslum, who had left prior to the officer's arrival was located in the area moments later. During an investigation, the officer uncovered evidence of the alleged disturbance. Anslum was arrested and transported to the Morgan City Jail where she was booked and incarcerated.